Zhengzhou International Engineering Machinery Industrial Park laid a foundation in Fuyang

Issuing time:2019-03-07 00:00

In the morning of June 28th, Sinopec Group Wuhan 800,000 tons/year ethylene project site bunting was on display, the banner fluttered, the crane giant arm was almost reach the blue sky, and the Wuhan ethylene and supporting equipment managed by the Sinopec Group Tenth Construction Company's hoisting integration general contracting management.

The first ceremony of the construction of large-scale equipment was held at the construction site. The Xugong Group XGC28000 crawler crane was launched as the main hoisting machine in the first hanging ceremony and was fully used for the hoisting of large equipment in this project.

The equipment for the first ceremonial hoisting was C-101, the first distillation column, with a height of 78.168 meters and a diameter of 3.8 meters. At the time when the preparations were completed on a case-by-case basis and the hoisting conditions were fully met, at 9:17, with the hoisting commander, the first ceremonial ceremony officially began. The machine at the ceremony was roaring and all construction operations were in order. With the close cooperation of the 300-ton tail-tailed crane, the XGC28000 crawler crane smoothly hoisted the first distillation tower on the equipment foundation. The whole ceremony was safe, smooth and successfully completed.

Sinopec Group Wuhan 800,000 tons/year ethylene and supporting projects are approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. The first large-scale project in the central region of China is a landmark project for the country to adjust its industrial layout. The completion of the project will be an important step to improve the layout of China's ethylene industry and enhance the expansion of the petrochemical industry from the east to the central and western regions. To improve the layout of China's ethylene industry, adapt to the market demand of petrochemical products in the central region, and enhance the safety of the petrochemical industry, it will produce important strategic significance.

As the “iron army” of the petrochemical construction industry, the 10th construction company of Sinopec Group ranks among the best in the country in terms of its hoisting capacity and performance, and it is also influential internationally. This time, it is solely responsible for the lifting and transportation of large-scale ethylene equipment in Wuhan. The total lifting capacity is expected to reach more than 33,000 tons, and the total transportation volume is expected to reach more than 20,000 tons. It has once again set a historical record of the total amount of domestic hoisting and transportation contracting projects, marking Sinopec Group. The management capacity and construction organization capacity of the Tenth Construction Company's hoisting general contracting continued to be in the leading position in China.

Xugong Group has led the development of construction machinery industry for 22 years and is now ranked 7th in the world's construction machinery industry. As an independent research and development production XGC28000 crawler crane, it is the most advanced lifting equipment in China, with a maximum lifting torque of 28,000 tons. The successful launch of this model broke the current situation that the oversized tonnage crawler cranes in the market were completely monopolized by foreign companies, and achieved a new breakthrough in the R&D and manufacturing of large-tonnage crawler cranes in China, marking the research and development capability of China's large-scale hoisting equipment. Really reaching the international advanced level will certainly accelerate the development of China's construction enterprises and raise the capacity of China's construction enterprises to a new height.

The first ceremonial ceremony and the launching ceremony of the largest domestic tonnage crane were successfully completed, benefiting from the excellent hoisting construction organization capability and superb hoisting construction technology of Sinopec Group 10 Construction Company, and also benefited from the reliability of Xugong Group XGC28000 crane. Quality and good performance.

The 10th Construction Company of China Petrochemical Corporation and the Xugong Group Construction Machinery Company stated that it is necessary to take advantage of the Dongfeng of the first hanging ceremony to set off the climax of large equipment hoisting transportation construction.

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